Kids Bedroom Ideas Boys

Kids Bedroom Ideas Boys, The bedroom as a place to rest thus has an important role in a child's stage of development. Not only as a place to unwind and relax, but the bedrooms also has a function for other activities such as; learning, reading, playing, or even a hobby.

If you like modern, minimalist design, the design of the bedroom a few examples below can be a reference for you. Here are some tips for a bedroom set for boys.

1. The design of a multifunctional furniture. For example: use as a drawer under the bed clothes storage, staircase design in a terraced bed can also serve as a place penimpanan toy cabinet, or other equipment. The size of each drawer can be made with a width of approximately 46.5 cm, height 35 cm and a length of 62 cm. So the total for the four stacking drawer in a ladder arrangement can have a height of about 1.3 meters.

2. Installation little ornaments, in accordance with the principles of minimalism. No need to show wall hanging is too crowded and flashy. Installation of one or two photo frames enough. To further add to the impression of dynamic images can be shown in the form of posters suitable theme hobbies and interests of the child. But keep in mind that the application is not too crowded and flashy. The combination of the three color between the wall and the furniture was enough room to display the beauty of a child's bedroom is minimalist.
With the vandring quilt lover it is easy find to inspiration for the night's bedtime story, A winding river, an adventurous little fox club and lots of other forest creatures will lull your little adventurer to sleep and perhaps ever star in his dreams.
A wardrobe at his height lets him reach his own clothes, building confidens and independence, and the perfect fit stirage boxes for his little soft boy friends make tidying up something else he can do all by himself